HP ILO / RHEL6 Upstart Output to VSP console

Following my post related to HP ILO VSP console redirection , I've received many comments related to the same Configuration on recent Linux Distribution. In this post, I'm willing to detail the same on Upstart Based Distribution (using RHEL6, but should be the same for others Upstart Based distribution ). In fact, the main configuration on old Distribution was mostly related to Init Daemon Configuration, with new distribution based on Upstart/Systemd, things are slightly different. 

Note that I won't detail the configuration of the Virtual Serial Port on BIOS/UEFI as it had already been discussed in this previous post.
If you're interested in the same configuration for Systemd Based Distribution, it's described in this post.

1. Create an init configuration file for ttyS1

2. Check the init configuration and start running the agetty process

Upstart leverages the Linux inotify API to make itself aware of any changes that can happen within its configuration directory, so the creation of the ttyS1 file above is enough to have the service available and listed when using initctl. The only thing we have to do is to start the process.

3. Test you have access to the System through vsp

4. Add Serial Port to securetty to allow login as root

This is needed if we want root account to be able to log in through this serial console.

5. Configure the Grub GRUB config file

Finally, we can configure the GRUB to have outputs of the boot process on the console, this is easily achieved by adding console=tty0 console=ttyS1,115200

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